Block All Calls From Unknown Numbers Automatically.

If you are tired of being disturbed by calls from strangers, in this guide we describe how to automatically block calls from unknown numbers on your smartphones.

Although the use of the phone today is not as strong as before, it has been replaced by faster messaging chats such as WhatsApp, many enterprises and advertising call center companies continue to call our phone at any time of the day.

Fortunately, many models of mid-range and higher Android phones natively incorporate a feature that allows you to reject calls from unknown numbers.

While some older devices may not have a native call blocking feature.

So if you no longer want to get two or three calls from strangers or sellers every day at the most inconvenient moments, here’s how to configure your Android device to block incoming calls from private and unknown numbers.

How to automatically block calls from unknown numbers on your android phone

The phone calls from unwanted people, hidden numbers, telephone companies, and commercial offers are often a nuisance for users, even when they occur in daily hours

However, there are several solutions to avoid being disturbed by these types of calls.

Without a doubt, the most popular app when we talk about Android is the Truecaller: caller ID and spam blocker. A veteran of the Google Play Store, and of ‘ Apple App Store in which we will be able to configure their actions to completely neutralize the calls where the number can not be identified. 

It is not equivalent to receiving an identified call, with the number visible, but which in turn is cataloged as SPAM. This instead is a useful tool for all those calls that do not have an identifier that can be blocked on the phone.

block number

With this app, you can easily activate a filter with which you can automatically block calls from unknown numbers.

As soon as the mobile phone through the app detects that a call has come from an unidentified phone, it will be automatically blocked. The app also has a paid service with which you can identify these unknown numbers, but the important thing is that all those calls can be automatically blocked for free.

And this app does the same with SMS, the text messages we often receive in the form of advertisements. These can also be locked by default in the application, thus offering greater peace of mind and time savings.

This app also offers us the ability to record incoming calls. In any case, it is the most complete app to block calls, identify unknown ones and even block SPAM messages on the market.

An app that can be very useful for holidays, thus avoiding being disturbed. 



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