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Download Freebeat:- Askamanya (Prod By Ogbeni Stickz)

Download Freebeat:- Askamanya (Prod By Ogbeni Stickz)

Askamaya with hook produced by Ogbeni Stickz


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Russian TV Station Interviews A Nigerian Pharmacist

A Nigerian Pharmacist; Henry Uche Ukah being interviewed by a Russian TV station.

He was being asked about tourism in Nigeria. How he’s relating with Russians, while working as a pharmacist, same time teaching English language. Hunting in Nigeria. The West views pertaining Russia and Russians.

Are you the one, I noticed you just registered to post this.

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Man Narrates How Lady Who Humiliated His Dad Years Back Suffered Ill-luck

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to give a narration on how a lady who called his dad an evil man while he was selling under the sun at a market in Aba, eventually remained in the same spot she was years back.

The young man said his father was struggling some years back and the woman made fun of him for his situation and even cursed him that he will always remain in the same situation.

Years later, his father’s lot in life improved but the woman’s situation got worse.

Read his story below.

It’s been close to a 4 days my light was disconnected, and like every other day since it was disconnected, I went to charge my phone.

I plugged it and left.

Came back few hours later and collected the phone.

I was heading home and I decided to take a route I took almost 2 years ago.

I don’t like using that route but I did.


My Dad once sold female shoes(Aba made shoes.) in that route.

He was selling them under the sun then.

He wasn’t allowed by the market workers to put an umbrella to shield him from rain and sun.

He managed.

He left that place 2 years ago, but an incident happened in his stay there.

There was this lady he had an issue with.

She won’t be above 25 years of age, but she insulted my Dad like they were mates.

She abused my Dad that day.

She said my Dad was evil and he uses juju and the juju he was using has back fired on him that’s why he will remain under the sun selling shoes.

She continued that sun will beat my Dad, even rain will fall on him all the days of his life in that market until he dies.

My Dad wanted to hit her, and I calm him down.

That night my Dad was angry at me.

He was mad.

He refused to talk to me even when we got home.

After I asked him why he was behaving cold towards me, he opened up to me that he was disappointed in me.

How I stood and watch a girl insult him when I could have beaten the living day out of her.

I told him I’m sorry.

I didn’t agree, he busted at me.

Called me names.

I went outside to cry.

I was confused.

I’m not a violent person, but I almost lost it that day.

My Dad and I struggled during Christmas season, made some money and he left that market.

Today, I passed through that route only to find that girl inside rain selling tomatoes, pepper and kerosene.

I can’t forget her face.

I walked forward.

Stopped her a friend’s shop and asked her what happened to the lady behind.

why is she no longer in her shop.

I was told the shop wasn’t her own. She was managing it with a woman and the woman died some months back.

She couldn’t afford the shop rent anymore and the shop was sold off to another person.

Formally she sells rice, beans, and so many other things.

Now, she is just selling tomatoes, pepper and kerosene.

Rain was showering a little bit and it was falling on her mercilessly.

I was pleased!

I never planned to buy anything from the market, but because I wanted to get back at her, I went to the ATM in the market and withdrew 1k.

I went to her shop and told her to sell kerosene for me.
(I have almost 4 liters of kerosene at home.)

She bent down.

I asked her if she knows me and she nodded her head.

I smiled.

“You know my Dad now has a shop?” I asked.

She didn’t reply.

“He no more sells aba made shoes anymore.” I continued.

She started hurrying up to sell the kerosene.

“You know, he is no longer in the rain, even sun doesn’t come close to his shop.”

She filled the kerosene and gave it to me.

I told her to sell tomatoes for me with pepper.

I wasn’t done reading her.

She was packaging it, and I continued,

” He doesn’t just have a shop, he now has two shops. Isn’t that wonderful….”

She became irritated. her cheek bones almost found it’s way out of her skin.

“My Dad ehn, the juju he is using is very strong. I’m very grateful.” I didn’t retract.

She quickly tied everything and handed it over to me.

I chuckled, looked her in her tired eyes, and she diverged.

I sighed.

paid her for what I bought and left.

Walked a distance, turned back and my eyes met with hers. it was filled with dismay.

PS: I need to see my dad and tell him what I saw.

PPS: My Dad would feel sorry for her, and it will make me sick.

PPPS: let me go and cook.

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Buhari Participates At Joint ECOWAS-ECCAS Heads Of State & Govt Summit In Togo (Pix)

President Muhammadu Buhari participated at the Joint ECOWAS-ECCAS Heads of State and Government Summit on Peace, Security, Stability and Fight against Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Lome, Togo on 30th July 2018

Also in attendance were President of Chad Idris Deby, President of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso,President of Burkina Faso Christian Kabore,President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou, President of Guinea Conakry Alpha Conde and President of Togo Faure Gnassingbe

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Mercedes Is Recalling The G65 Because It Can Go Too Fast Backwards (Photos)

The German Automaker is recalling the Mercedes G-65 because it can speed backwards.

The 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 made the G-wagon very fast that it could go very fast when driving in reverse.

According to the statement released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “These vehicles may be equipped with the incorrect reverse speed limitation software. While in reverse, any abrupt changes in steering while exceeding 16 MPH may cause the vehicle to become unstable.”

To fix the problem, the manufacturer will be updating the engine control software to limit the vehicle’s speed in reverse.

The recalls affects the top version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class so the automaker had to recall a handful of them.

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Keke Drivers In Maiduguri Protest, Burn Tyres Over Extortions By Police (Photos)

Keke drivers today staged a protest in Maiduguri over extortions by the police and other security agents.According to the drivers,they pay money to police without any reason


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Nigeria To Receive Free Wi-Fi From Google; Aftermath Of VP Osinbajo’s Visit

Google’s free public Wi-Fi initiative expanded to Africa

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, will be the first on the continent to receive Google’s free public Wi-Fi service, the company has announced.

The Google Station iniitiative is already live in five countries globally and will connect millions of users via 200 Wi-Fi hotspots spread across five cities in Nigeria within one year, the company said at its Google for Nigeria event Thursday.

Google is not deploying its moonshot Project Loon to provide connectivity, instead, it is partnering with Nigerian fiber optic telecoms service provider 21st Century to roll out Wi-Fi spots at public places such as colleges, malls, markets and bus stations.

The tech giant is not paying the service provider and venue owners for the internet access but they will be sharing ad revenues generated from usage of Google Station.

Google was recently hit with a $5 billion fine by the European Union. The EU fined Google for unfairly pushing its apps on smartphone users and thwarting competitors.

Next billion users

The fast Wi-Fi project is a critical component of the company’s Next Billion Users plan to develop products for the next billion internet users, the company said. And the company has its eyes set firmly on emerging markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Nigeria to get more users online.

The future of the internet is in the hands of the next billion users—the latest generation of internet users to come online on smartphones in places like Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, said Caesar Sengupta, the project lead.

“The next billion users are already changing the internet in three key ways: a mobile-only mindset, an instinct for ubiquitous computing, and a demand for localized content,” Sengupta said.

Prior to the Nigeria launch, Google Station service was available in India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand.

Google said it needs service providers and venue owners to join as partners before it can launch in other countries on the continent.

To convince prospective partners, Google is offering monetization opportunities to make the project sustainable.

“We are offering new solutions to improve and expand access in Nigeria and across Africa; these launches demonstrate our commitment to Africa through products built to help people in Africa to make the most of the Internet,” said Google Nigeria Country Director, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor.

Station and Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi, which was launched in Nigeria in November 2017. Express Wi-Fi which is also available in Kenya, Tanzania, India, and Indonesia aims to reduce the cost of internet access.

While Google Station is free, Express Wi-Fi users pay $5.52 for 10GB of data.

At the launch last year, Uche Ofodile, Regional Head of Africa, Express Wi-Fi by Facebook said the initiative aims to reduce barriers to connectivity such as limited infrastructure and high data costs, giving more people, such as small business entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to connect and build community.

‘Data cost is high’

Nigerian tech developer and senior consultant, Gbolahan Alli believes Google is embarking on the project in Nigeria because its business model depends on internet accessibility.

“Africa is largely an untapped market so it makes sense for them to try to get the next set of billion users by investing in the infrastructure themselves,” he tells CNN.

He believes the initiative will benefit Nigerians using the internet for the first time and those that cannot afford Nigeria’s high data cost.

According to Web Foundation’s 2017 Affordability Report, only 17% of Nigerians with mobile internet users have access to public Wi-Fi, and the cost of a 1GB prepaid data plan is about 8% of a Nigeria’s average monthly income while the country’s mobile broadband penetration rate is below 12%.

To ensure that its users can access its services in spite of the high data cost, Google also unveiled new apps under its Go initiative targeted at internet users with low bandwidth connections and low-RAM devices.

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Billionaire’s Daughter, Mairama Indimi And Husband Wed In France (Pics)

Mairama, the daughter of billionaire oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi and her husband, Mustafa ‘Marcus’ Masango have had their white wedding.
The private wedding was held on Saturday in France.
The couple previously had their traditional wedding and
Nikkai in December 2017 at her father’s lavish home in Maiduguri.


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BBNaija’s Nina Excited As She Graduates From Imo State University (Photos)

Former Big Brother Naija housemate and budding entrepreneur, Nina, could not curtail her excitement as she is set to become a graduate of English Language at the Imo State University.

The reality TV star wrote her final examination with her colleagues today and they all posed for photos after the examination.

Nina graduates

She then took to her Instagram story to share photos of her celebrating with her course mates.

See photos below:

Nina made the decision to go back to school just last month before the semester finally rounds up as she had been so engaged with activities of the Big Brother Naija show.

She made this declaration on Twitter where she informed her fans she would be returning to school on Monday, she wrote; “I really can’t wait to be in school on monday”

And being a finalist on the 2018 edition of the show, she was immediately shot into limelight and had a lot of endorsements and gigs going in for her immediately after the show.

But she took the drastic steps to go back to school in time so as not to miss out on the final examinations.

Well, this could just be the best time to leave school as she is simply basking in the euphoria of her newly found fame.

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If You Can Afford It, These Ten Countries Can Sell Citizenship To You

Did you ever know that citizenship could be bought outrightly in some parts of the world? Well if you don’t know you do and will also know why it has become the latest fantasies of the super-rich.

According to a report by Bloomberg, a second passport—or a third or fourth—has become another trophy for the ultra-wealthy and so for most of them, it is more for bragging rights.

When interviewed, Christian Kalin, chairman of Henley & Partners, a firm which provides citizenship advice and publishes rankings such as the Quality of Nationality Index opined that wealthy buyers “are looking for security”. “They want peace of mind in case of a revolution or other upheaval in their home countries”, he said.
Many nations of the world, the U.S. included, allow migrant residents the chance to apply for citizenship only after meeting certain criteria but these only 10 countries permit other nationals to acquire outright citizenship which comes with a certain price. These prices may also require payment in the form of direct investment into their economy, typically in property or the setting up of a local business.
Eight out of these ten countries are classified by the IMF as offshore financial centres, though Kalin said stability, not tax avoidance, is what influences most of the buyers. That and bragging rights. “If you have a yacht and two airplanes, the next thing to get is a Maltese passport,” he said. “It’s the latest status symbol. We’ve had clients who simply like to collect a few.”

See the list of the counties below: