FIFA 21: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Celebration Condemns

it appears that EA is working to end all toxic gestures in its modern football simulator … So the “Shush”, “A-OK” and “Calma” (the latter from CR7) celebrations are going to be removed from the next game. There are many ways to exercise toxicity in online games, and taking into account that the FIFA community is one of the most toxic on the planet, it is necessary to put a brake on the actions of some players. Starting, for example, with the celebrations available right after scoring a goal.

All means to avoid the ‘rage’ of the players, who are easily aggravated just by losing, and completely lose their temper when the player on the other side still puts a ‘calm’ on top.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s  Condemned celebration

FIFA 21 

EA intends to end toxic signs in the game, trying to develop the experience of the players overall. However, some gestures will be withdrawn by EA, such as the case of “OK”, only for the studio to be active in the fight for equity of justice in the USA.

However, it seems that one of the players touched by this EA decision for FIFA 21 is none other than our Portuguese expert Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you know why? The fact that the player has just scored a goal and asked for calm can be seen as a provocation to the opponents … So, although some FIFA fans find this decision completely absurd, the celebration will be excluded from the game.

it was also proclaimed that the animation of the players entering the field was dropped from the game and it will not be possible to consume time within the game itself. Because the cutscenes were nearly all removed.”

In summary, we can suppose that FIFA 21 is less toxic and more friendly to healthy competitiveness… But do players support this policy?


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