YouTube: How To Watch Videos Offline In YouTube


This article is created for YouTube Videos fans, so if you are not one of those who cannot do without watching YouTube videos online whether at your workplace or your home, then this guideline on how to stream YouTube Videos Offline free without any data connection.

So today we are going to show you what YouTube’s offline feature comprises of, and how you can stream or watch YouTube Videos easily on YouTube offline.

YouTube Videos In Offline Mode

With the help of your YouTube’s offline features available on your Android and iOS users can save any YouTube videos of their choice directly to their mobile device for later use, even when your mobile device has no Internet connection on it through one of the small limitations is that these videos must first be downloaded with your ISP mobile data or over a Wi-Fi network.

Now the below are step-by-step that will explain everything to you the best way on how to save YouTube videos offline on your mobile devices; this will help you manage your offline and storage settings, how to access your saved or downloaded videos and more. 

How to Save YouTube Videos Offline On Android, Java, Symbian and iOS devices

  • Start your YouTube application on your Android or iOS smartphone to start streaming a video.
  • Now Pause the video, then tap the Save button, as shown in the image below.
  • While you all can see from the button in the app, it down-pointed arrow and can be located below the video player displaying; it will have a crossed Add to Offline button. You have to leave those out of the download option.

And that is just how simple it is to save YouTube videos for you to watch it offline later without you using the data connection on Android phones, iOS smartphones, or tablets. Once you have protected the video, the below guide is how to locate your saved videos for consumption.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline 

When your mobile device loses network connectivity, your saved videos can now still be watched the saved YouTube Videos offline safely without interruptions directly from the app’s account section.
  • Start YouTube applications on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Click on the Archives tab at the bottom of your mobile device, as shown in the image below.
  • Watch YouTube Offline on YouTube
  • Tap Offline Videos beneath the Available Offline heading, as shown in the image below.
  • Tap a saved video you’d like to watch the list of videos you have saved on your mobile device.
  • Wow, surprisingly, the videos are playing fine. That is just how to Watch offline videos on YouTube.

Little Tip for you: To play all saved videos as a playlist, tap the red Play button.

You can also watch a saved YouTube Videos directly on its YouTube page. Do we know this guideline for keeping YouTube videos was helpful?. If yes, please use the comment section below to give us feedback.

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