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Music App for Android phones is created to bring more fun from using an android phone. There are millions of third-party music app for android phones that might offer satisfaction to some extent.

However, on this post, we bring you some of the best music apps for android that are rated by the features they offer users.

Latest Music Apps for Android

Typically music apps for android offer an essential feature such as shuffling, excellent sound quality, external connectivity, and more. So let jumping on the Best music app on android phones

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music works without subscription and plays music files stored on your Android device, as well as purchased tracks. This music app can stream a song from its archives of over 40 million albums including Youtube

Why you like


  • Overall best music app
  • Integrates with Google Assistant
  • It is a free mp3 player
  • It can connect to Play Music or YouTube Music services
  • Great suggestions

MediaMonkey: Best Free Music App for Android

If you want to play mp3 files stored on your Android device, MediaMonkey is one of the best music players for Android phones. It possesses a simple interface, and lots of great articles, such as a large visual equalizer.

The PC version of MediaMonkey is also high and can be used to sync your music collection as well as download podcasts you’ve


  • Easy, clear interface
  • Definite highlights and easy to use
  • free version No ads

Spotify: The Original Music Streaming App

Spotify is one of the music streaming services, and it remains to have great following highlights


  • The greatest music streaming service
  • library by playlists, artists, and albums
  • Many playlists are available
  • selection of podcasts.

Amazon Music: Amazon’s Music Streaming Service

Amazon Music connects to two various music services: Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Prime Music has over 2 million music and an Amazon Prime subscription.


  • The most songs of any music streaming service right now
  • Some music included with Prime subscription
  • Browse mp3 Files by Folders

Musicolet is a fully featured mp3 player enabling you to browse your music store by folder, album, artist, or songwriter.

Music app



No ads

Browse by folder, album, artist, or composer

BlackPlayer: Free and Simple Music Player for Android

If you want a straightforward mp3 player, BlackPlayer just best for you. It the app is enabled to let you browse by genre, allowing you to drive a large music store.



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