Facebook Email: How To Stop Receiving Facebook Email Notifications.

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Notifications acknowledge sites to publish vital updates sometimes, and we accept that this s important. Websites use it to keep you refreshed on fresh emails, blog posts. However, these companies tend to go overboard once in a while and ruin your inbox completely.

As you previously know, your inbox could sometimes get flooded with emails from baffling sites and companies you use but do not necessarily need to hear from on a daily basis. Facebook is one of such bothersome websites, but not worry, it can be fixed.

Do you manage Facebook and want to stop receiving emails from the platform every time there is a new friend request, comment on a post and so on? We can help you to rescue your email and be free from them once and for all. Facebook lets you personalize what kinds of emails you would love to receive and the process is not complicated. 

Facebook Email


How Can To Stop Getting Facebook Emails

  • Go to the Facebook site on your personal computer or Mac computer and get yourself logged in to your account.
  • In the upper-right hand corner of the display, tap the downward pointing arrow to have access to a list of menu options.
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • On the menu bar running down the left-hand side of your Settings screen, tap “Notifications.”
  • If you want to prevent all Facebook notification emails, except for those that concern your account’s security, password reset emails and so on, swipe down until you see “How You Get Notifications.”
  • Tap the downward-facing arrow to the right of the “Email” section to access more options.
  • Under “Email frequency,” tap the last option, “Only about your account,” meaning you will only receive emails that concern your account, security, and privacy.
  • Below, under “Your Email Notifications”, toggle off the options that you do not want to get email notifications for.

Be informed that these changes will immediately be applied upon tapping, therefore you do not have to save your preferences manually.


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