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So many people have been spending their money to go to cinemas to watch movies, some have been viewing movies of bad quality while some waste time downloading movies they are not interested in.

 Well, you can use not less than 10- 5 minutes of your precious time to watch and enjoy good quality movie trailers that you would love to download. Get all the actions now available on on your PC or mobiles.

Internet Movie Data Base[iMDB] is a platform in which you can watch movie trailers in one of the best qualities without spending money and not regret watching it. You can also check the movie reviews of the movies, their storyline, and a rundown of the cast. 

Information like country, release date, language and filming locations will be available, you can also check out the rating given to the movie by other users and see what they think about it.

Meaning of rating on

 A rating can be done with numbers or other marks. It is said to be the process of determining the quality of something either a movie or a product. On IMDb, the rating of movies is done by the users that are registered but if you are not a registered user, you can sign-up for free. Rating on this website starts from 1-10 and it’s usually represented by star symbols.

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 For you to locate a movie on this platform, you would have to make use of the search bar to locate the movie. To check the top movies of, you just have to tap the button on the site where you’ll see the top 250 movies, a page will pop up to present the movies in rant from 1 to 250.

In addition, you can also lookup varieties of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood movies that are also grouped into different categories like Adventure, Horror, Action, Comedy, Drama, e.t.c. 

IMDb |Get NOW your best movies, Favorite Movies, TV-shows, Celebrities, and Movie Trailers


The Features Of IMDb Best Movies is a summary of IMDb TV films because they give the storyline of the and it’s details like location, scriptwriter, country and it also shows the language subtitle and the date of release of the film. 

Also, you can have the new updates of the newly released movies and their trailers even events too. This platform provides a news page community where you can feast on celebrity news or gossip.

 For you to be able to watch movies, you would have to download and install the extension IMDB WATCHER then add it to your browser’s extension. Next, go to this site and search for the desired or preferred movie to watch on the search bar. Tap on it then adds the said film to your watch list, tap views the full list when the page appears, select the movie you would like to watch, and watch.

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IMDb First 250 Movies to Download from Imdb Platform

1. Chernobyl

2. joker

3. captain marvel 

4. Aladdin

5. imdbpro

6. glass

7. you

8. avengers endgame

9. shazam 

10. stranger things

11. the boys 

12. the 100

13. once upon a time

14. bird box

15. game of thrones 

16. the office

17. the walking dead 

18. euphoria


These are just very little from what you will see in, rush now, and enjoy your favorite movies whether action, horror, comedy, and so many others to your heart’s content.


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