Top Approved Civil Engineering Schools in Alabama USA

Are you planning to study in the USA? This article provides information on the top approved civil engineering schools in Alabama, USA.

Civil engineers design, supervise and construct public projects such as bridges, tunnels, dams, highways and water systems. They may also be responsible for designing private buildings and structures. Civil engineers use their knowledge of mathematics, science, physics and geology to ensure that their designs will hold up against natural elements.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of civil engineers is expected to grow 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than average for all occupations. The BLS further reports that the median annual salary for civil engineers was $79,340 in May 2010.

Alabama is USA state situated in the south eastern side of the nation and is full of a few points of interest. The top approved civil engineering schools in Alabama are as per the following:

Auburn University

The University of Alabama

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University

An education in Civil Engineering opens up a world of career possibilities and can be obtained at any number of schools across the nation.

While there are some top Civil Engineering Schools in Alabama, it’s important to understand that not all degrees are the same.

Some degrees have many prerequisites and require years of college education before you can even take your first core class.

Other degrees, like Associate’s in Civil Engineering, will allow you to jump right into core classes and get on the fast track to your career without having to wait years for approval from school boards and committees.

When deciding between schools, it’s important to find one that offers a degree that is best suited for your goals.

Alabama is home to a number of highly regarded civil engineering programs, including a number of schools rated in the top 50 by US News. The following list includes the top 20 civil engineering programs in Alabama based on their US News rankings.

University of Alabama – The University of Alabama’s civil engineering program is ranked

We have examined several factors to create this list, including average cost of tuition for civil engineering programs in Alabama and the average salary of a Civil Engineer in Alabama. The ranking below can help you find the cheapest universities for Civil Engineering degrees in Alabama.

2) University of Alabama in Huntsville College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

3) University of South Alabama College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is a public university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States. Founded in 1831, the school has been the senior comprehensive doctoral-level institution in the state since 1969. In 2008, the National Science Foundation ranked UA 16th among public universities and 46th among all universities in sponsored research expenditures.

UA is one of only 66 institutions to hold membership in the elite Association of American Universities (AAU), an organization comprised of North America’s top 62 research universities and two universities in Asia. The AAU was founded in 1900 to advance the international standing of leading research universities.

The University of Alabama features 13 academic divisions leading to bachelor’s, master’s, Education Specialist and doctoral degrees. These divisions include: College of Arts & Sciences; Culverhouse College of Commerce; College of Communication & Information Sciences; School of Social Work; College of Community Health Sciences; School of Law; Capstone College of Nursing; College of Engineering; School of Medicine; College of Continuing Studies; Honors College; Graduate School and School of Library & Information Studies.

The University offers more than 100 undergraduate degree programs with over 120 concentrations offering students nearly infinite possibilities for academically rewarding experiences. There are also more than 150

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